MH Shipping Inc.

Freight Forwarding.

Our Core Values  

  • "White Glove Service" - Mike always had a deep desire for MH Shipping to be the best in the business.   We always go above and beyond to ensure our customers a smooth process from start to finish.  We are not as large as other freight forwarding companies, but we sincerely believe our customer service is second to none.  ​​

  • "Long Term Relationships" - We pride ourselves on servicing clients for years and years.  It is the reliance & trust we build with our clients that has enabled us to grow through the years.

  • "Industry Average Prices" - We are relationship builders, so we try to avoid clients whose focus is always on finding the cheapest freight forwarder.  At the same time, we find it smart to charge our existing customers a fair price and not over charge them.

Our History

  • MH Shipping was founded in 1989 by Mike Hardee.  Mike worked in the shipping industry his entire life and basically grew up around the docks holding jobs such as wharf security, welder, boarding agent, transportation specialist and several other roles before founding MH Shipping.  He was a "go getter" looking for an opportunity to start & grow his own freight forwarding company.  When the opportunity came along, Mike was fully prepared and MH Shipping was launched.

MH Shipping Inc.
15357 Stone Hedge Dr.

Prairieville LA 70769
Telephone:  +1.225.622.3295
FAX:  +1.225.622.6903
E-mail: mhshipping@aol.com